BPEY’s core values are principles and standards that we build our business upon, they establish a framework for what we do, and how we operate.
These values guide us in the pursuit of our purpose, in the accomplishment of our mission and in the fulfillment of our vision. They are the fundamental beliefs of our organization, the bedrock of our ideals, the essence of who we are and the spirit that drives our performance. Our values help us to work together in the most effective and fulfilling way, they influence the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.
Our values guide us toward excellence in everything we do, and they are responsible for the lifelong relationships that we enjoy with each of our clients. We have created a culture characterized by an indomitable will to succeed and prosper in one of the most challenging industries.
At the heart of our unique and strong culture is the belief that people are the ultimate source of our advantage. By living these core values, each one of us helps to deliver on our promises to our clients and ensure our enduring success.
Respect for People
We respect people, honor diversity and treat each other fairly. These are the cornerstones of our culture and key to our ability to work successfully as a team. All staff, oversight members and volunteers of the organization act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. The organization promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.
Our Clients’ Success
We ensure our clients’ success by forging deep relationships founded on our commitment to meet their diverse needs. We succeed when we give our clients, regardless of severity of disability, the same choices and options available to other people in society.
We operate with the highest standards of honesty and responsibility—as individuals and as a company—to be a role model through our business practices, community involvement and environmental stewardship. We believe that integrity is a sound moral principle that compels us to do the right thing and honor our commitments even in the face of challenges.
Culture of Caring
We bring out the best in our clients and staff because of our interactions with each other. In everything we do we will make it a first priority to provide for the care, welfare, safety and security of our clients, staff and community.
Team Work
We encourage the spirit of collaboration that harnesses the power of our combined skills, outlooks and efforts to address opportunities and solve problems. While we embrace independent and self motivated exercise, we are grounded in the belief that no one of us can achieve as much as all of us.
We set goals and hold ourselves totally accountable to achieve them and to deliver on our promises.
We believe in the constant presence of change, so we challenge ourselves every day to tap into our creative abilities and find new solutions to issues.
We are dedicated to global standards of excellence, getting exceptional results and continuous improvement in all that we do.
We demonstrate dynamic and decisive leadership at all levels of the organization. Our principled leadership objectives and strategies are focused on achieving the ultimate vision and mission of our company and fulfilling the needs of our clients.