This program is a compilation of comprehensive services and supports provided to adults with severe and multiple disabilities/needs. Our staff assists individuals with daily living skills related to self-care, communication, self-direction and other areas that expand opportunities for community inclusion and self-sufficiency. We also incorporate educational and recreational activities throughout each day as part of the services we offer. Recreational trips to local museums, landmarks, restaurants, stores, etc are some of the community outings which are a major part of the program and individual's personal choices play a major role in what they do
Individuals with severe developmental disabilities are often also physically disabled. Day program services are designed to provide persons in need of intensive or mild support with services that foster personal growth and opportunities for physical and social integration within the community.
Day Program staff utilizes methods, materials and settings that are age-appropriate, culturally inclusive, and take into account the developmental levels of each individual in the program. This means that our services are customized, dynamic, and fluid and we will adjust our approach as often as necessary to find the “right fit” for each client.
At BPEY’s day program a series of planned, coordinated, goal-orientated activities are designed to improve functional abilities. Services are tailored to help each participant reach his or her optimal level of physical, cognitive, psychosocial and occupational abilities.
Services available include:
Life Skill Coaching
Meal planning and preparation, laundry, leisure activities.
Sensory Integration
Music appreciation and therapeutic activities, motor development, sensory stimulation.
Essential Skill Development
Fine and gross motor skills, dexterity and eye-hand coordination.
Adult Education
Community safety, activities with academic focus and computer use.
Community-Based Programs
Volunteer opportunities and community events.
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