community Living support

BPEY's Community Living Support (CLS) services are designed to provide supports to participants who live in their own or family home. Our Services are individually tailored to assist with the acquisition, retention or improvement in skills related to a participant's continued residence in his or her own or family home. In either case, the goal is to support people to live as independently as possible by providing coaching and assistance in the areas requested by the person and/or the family. Areas of coaching and/or assistance might include, but are not limited to:
  • Meal preparation
  • Money management (Budgeting)
  • Bill paying
  • Grocery shopping
  • Personal grooming and cleanliness
  • Using public transportation
  • The social and adaptive skills necessary to reside in their own home in the community
As with all our services, we support people to become part of their community. We recognize that community inclusion and access is especially important for those living independently.
Our Staff
All our staffs have wealth of experience in working in the developmental disabilities communities. They are all well trained and are committed to promoting the agency’s mission. Also, our staffs passed the local and federal background check; they receive annual training in varieties of trainings such as CPR and First Aid, Medication supervision and side effects, Crisis Prevention Intervention Skills, and the Individual Support Plan (ISP) just to name a few.
Prospective CLS program participants must be 18 years old or older. Participants must agree to adhere to an individual service plan and the expectations of the program.
For information about how you can be part of this program call us today at (912) 826-3883 or email us at: