BPEY’s Supported Employment program supports people with jobs in the community (or persons actively seeking community jobs). Individuals are provided with the specific flexible and mobile supports they want or need to gain community employment or to maintain their community jobs. Such services can include:
  • Vocational evaluations
  • Assistance with development of career plans
  • Skills building
  • Assistance with job search
  • Job placement
  • Job coaching and ongoing job supports
  • Interventions at the workplace, as needed
 Preparation for Work
Supported Employment is a program for someone wanting to work in the community and has the skills to work. Individuals work directly with skilled employment counselors to explore career options in the community. Schedules are arranged directly with the staff on an hourly basis. The staff have the ability to meet at the program by appointment or in the community as desired by the individual.
Evaluation and Skill Development
In Supported Employment, individuals can take part in skill evaluations in a variety of areas by appointment to assess interest and skills. Areas that Supported Employment is able to assess include:
  • Landscaping: raking, mulching, lawn care, trimming shrubs
  • Recycling: paper collection, sorting by color, professional interactions with the business community
  • Reception: answering telephones, taking messages, greeting visitors
  • Janitorial Skills: sweeping, mopping, floor buffing, facility maintenance
  • Computer/Clerical Skills: WORD, EXCEL, Email, Internet, etc.
Computer Center
Individuals have access to a computer center with standard business software, software training modules (CD-ROM based) and Internet connections. Participants use the computers to search for jobs on the Internet, check responses for jobs on email and to explorer career opportunities.
Soft Skills Training
Individuals are able to attend classes and receive individualized supports to develop communications skills for self advocacy, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
Community Employment
Supported Employment/Education Staff assist individuals in preparing for community employment by helping them:
  • Explore career opportunities,
  • Write resumes,
  • Develop interview skills,
  • Look for community employment, and
  • Receive on the job coaching and travel training.
The individuals in community employment can earn competitive wages in their field.
On-going Employment Supports
Once Employment is obtained, a staff person is available to provide on-going supports at the job site. Supports include: on the job training, building natural supports at the job site, negotiating with employer around vacations and sick time, and conflict resolution, etc. The staff person is able to meet individuals out in the neighborhoods where employment is desired.
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